Branch & Burn Pile

At the branch and burn pile this past weekend we had severe disregard for signage and consideration for the staff and what we try to do to assist everyone.

Stumps and rocks were again dumped on the branch pile, not in the proper spot 20 feet away. Someone also dumped concrete footings in the burn pile.

Going forward, the burn/branch pile/ground rakings will now be open with notice from 10:00am to 2:00pm daily. You must contact staff members at 250-240-7818. They will do their best to be available to assist you.

A staff member will now be paid to watch each person unloading and will lock up after they are done. Regular duties will be undertaken once freed up.

Anyone caught dumping inappropriate materials outside of published hours may be subject to disciplinary action as defined in the Spider Lake Springs Campers Association Rules and Regulations 2024.

Next steps will be to discontinue this service entirely.

Board of Directors Spider Lake Springs Campers Association


Garbage Bins with attached carabiners

Due to bears in the area staff have attached carabiners to the garbage bins to keep them locked down while not in use. When dumping your garbage, please ensure that the carabiners are locked back into place.
Conservation has been called with regards to the young cub that has been around the park the last few weeks, at this time they asked us to be patient until the cub moves on.
Please continue to contact staff at 250-240-7818 if the bear is in your location and they will come shoo the bear back towards to woods.

Crib Night at the Park June 7th


Love Playing Cribbage?

Join Frank as he hosts this seasons first Crib Club

Bring a board and come to the Longhouse this Friday Nights at 7pm

Frank will provide score cards.

Crib night 2