Contact Information for Board of Directors and Park Staff, 2024/2025

Emails for board directors are no longer available. If you need to contact a board member, please send an email to [email protected] and it will be re-directed.

Executive Directors

President Kevin Baker C31
Vice President Teresa Nielsen D37
Treasurer Lottie LeGros E21
Secretary Joanne Boomer C42

Section Directors

Section A Ken Leahy A20
Section B Justine Scott B27
Section C Petty Wong C39
Section D Brian Weikum  D32
Section E  Laura Geberdt E5
Section F Doug Hogg F23
Section G Cheri Doney G23

Park Manager

Brian Lamb  Park Manager [email protected]


Joanne Boomer  Webmaster   [email protected]

To post an “Event” or list your site “For Sale or Lease” please contact the Secretary, Board of Directors at [email protected] or use our Contact Form.