2024 Maintenance Fee and Hydro Invoices

The 2024 Maintenance Fee and Hydro Invoices were mailed out January 10, 2024.

Due to the rising cost of everything the Board had to increase the Annual Maintenance Fee by $175.00 to $1,525.00 for the year. Hydro rates charged remained the same and will also be included on the invoice.

These invoices are due by April 30, 2024, however, cash flow is required to pay the ongoing expenses in the park. Please pay as soon as you can. If you Etransfer, please remember to include your name and site number and ensure that you send to the EXACT address as on the invoice –  [email protected] You will then get a notice that funds will be AutoDeposited to Spider Lake Springs. Cheques may be mailed or dropped off at the park office.

2024 Owners Information Form

This form should be completed by the owner of each site and submitted by May 1st via email to the Secretary, Board of Directors, SLSCA, at [email protected]. If there are no changes to site owner information no new form is required, just an email to the Secretary to confirm owner records are up-to-date.

2024 Owner Information Form

2024 Owner Information Form

Park Closed from October 16th until April 15th

A reminder that the Park is closed from October 16th until April 15th every year.

The WATER will be turned off at 8:00am on Saturday, October 16th.

The water in the park is turned off from October 16 to April 15.

Winterizing an RV: If you have never winterized an RV you may want to go to the internet and check out what is required.

You may want to bring in those awnings as winter winds have been known to rip them right off a trailer.

The Upper Washrooms will remain open with limited hours and services. The Lower Washrooms will be closed for the off-season.