For Sale or Lease

To add or remove your site on the “For Sale OR Lease” list, please email [email protected]. When selling, please include a description of what you are selling (site number, all RVs, shed, bbq, furnishings etc) and the selling features of your lot (i.e.: location, private, view, close to store, etc). Don’t forget to include the asking price and the contact information (phone, email) you want listed. When you wish to change the price or remove from the listings, send an email to [email protected].

This listings page was last updated May 10, 2024.

Information to owners when they want to sell their site.

Sites must be in compliance prior to selling, an inspection will be conducted by the Park Manager, or designate, of Spider Lake Springs Resort.  The Park Manager can be reached at [email protected].

Please read the Important Notice to Seller and Purchaser and the Combined Share – Transfer Package documents prior to selling a site.

Owners selling their share are responsible to make any adjustments to maintenance and hydro fees as well as any accrued credits, with the purchaser. The park does not make adjustments to these fees for any used or un-used portion.

New owners are responsible for filling out the Owner Information Form that can be found under the Forms tab. The form can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to Spider Lake Springs Resort, #2 – 2650 Turnbull Road, Qualicum Beach, B.C. V9K 2R2.

Thumb Sites-for-Sale-or-Lease-May-10-2024.pdf Sites for Sale or Lease May 10 2024.pdf

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150.73 KBMay 10, 2024
Thumb Important-Notice-to-Seller-and-Purchaser-of-Shares.pdf Important Notice to Seller and Purchaser of Shares.pdf

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Thumb Share-Transfer-Package-July-2022.pdf

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