Spider Lake Springs Resort FAQs

Welcome to Spider Lake Springs Resort.
This page addresses frequently asked questions about our Resort. These answers do not represent any legal opinion, and are merely a general guide to the Resort.

Q. What is Spider Lake Springs?
Spider Lake Springs is a 310 site private RV resort. There is no “public camping” available.

Q. Are the lots privately owned?
A. No. Title to the land in which the campground is located is held in trust to the Spider Lake Camper’s Association (SLCA) by a holding company, Spider Lake Springs Holdings Inc. (SLSHI). The land is divided into 310 “undivided voting shares”, of which you may purchase a share or shares. There is one share issued for each “lot” within the Resort, which is divided into 7 geographical sections, A through G.

Q. Is the Resort open all year?
A. No. There is a restricted covenant on our title designating our land as a “campground”. The Resort is open from April 15 to October 15 every year. Owner access is permitted in the off-season, but there is no water available and the maximum allowable stay is 3 consecutive nights.

Q. How much does it cost to camp?
A. Everyone is billed the same for maintenance fees each year. Annual maintenance fees covering park operating costs is $1,350.00 in 2023.  These fees cover the operating costs for the park, ie: staff, water, garbage and recycling collection and the electricity to operate the water and sewer pumping stations, pumps that aerate the ponds, electricity to the washrooms and laundry, other buildings, the water slide etc, etc.  In 2021, there was a $100.00 increase in our maintenance fees to cover increases in these operating costs.  Each campsite has an electric meter and is read yearly by park staff.

An invoice for maintenance fees and electricity usage is issued early in January and payable by April 30. Fees can be paid by etransfer or cheque with your lot number clearly noted. Post dated cheques dated April 30 are also welcomed.  See explanation below regarding how electricity is calculated and billed.

Q. How is the electricity use calculated?
Electricity charges noted on your invoice are based on your usage.  Each lot has a meter and is read by park staff in October each year. Here is an explanation of the two lines describing an owner’s Hydro electricity charges.

The first hydro charge is an adjustment charge for the previous year. This number, in kWh, is based on what you were estimated to use in the previous year, (you paid this amount on last year’s bill), plus or minus what you actually used.  As an example, let’s say an owner’s use is estimated and billed in the previous year at 2038 kWh but actual use (as per the meter reading in October) was 2,144 kWh. The adjustment amount is based on the difference between 2038 and 2144, or 108, so the billing adjustment is 108 x 0.130=$14.04.

The second charge billed is your estimated use for the current season and is based on an average of your actual use for the past three years. If you were to start using less electricity, this estimated use over three years would decrease your estimated use charges. But should you use more, your average over the three years will increase.

Q. How is the Resort managed?
A. The Resort is currently managed by park manager Brian Lamb. The park manager reports to eleven volunteer Board of Directors (see list of directors and staff in Contact Us in the website menu). The Board is responsible for governing the Resort, establishing and overseeing annual budgets, establishment of Regulations and final enforcement if necessary. The Board is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders held in May each year. The Resort has paid year-round and seasonal maintenance staff and store staff, and relies on many energetic volunteers to help run the Resort and keep costs down. Owners interested in volunteering should contact the park manager.

Q. Are there rules in the campground?
A. Yes. When you purchase your site you will receive from the seller of your lot all transfer documents. Once the sale is final you will receive a Welcome to Spider lake Springs Resort email from the Secretary of the Board with a copy of the Regulations document and other important information regarding the resort. Copies of the Rules and Regulations are available on this website (see Rules and Regulations under the Documentation tab).

It is the responsibility of owners and their guests to be familiar with these Regulations and abide by them. Failure to do so could result in loss of camping privileges, and, in extreme cases, revocation of the License to Occupy your campsite.

Q. What is the speed limit in the resort?
A. The speed limit is 5km/h and it is strictly enforced. There are many children and adults walking and on bicycles and their safety is of primary concern.

Q. Are overnight guests allowed on my site?
A. Yes. Overnight guests are allowed on a site and must be registered with the Park Manager. Each site is allowed to have guests a maximum of 21 days per camping season as well as having a maximum of 2 camping units on each site at any given time. Quiet time is 11:00 pm – 9:00 am and excessive noise is not permitted at any time.

Q. How can I purchase a site, and is there a listing of lots for sale?
A. A current listing of sites for sale and lease is on this website (see For Sale or Lease in the website menu) for owners wishing to list their properties. All lots are privately owned, and it is the owner’s responsibility to advertise their site for sale. All transactions are between vendor and purchaser, and the Resort does not get involved in such transactions. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain their own advice with regards to any questions about the lot (i.e., legal ownership, outstanding monies, etc.)

Q. What are some of the Resorts amenities?
A. The Resort has on-site laundry, washrooms and showers, a store selling basic groceries, swimming ponds, fishing ponds (catch & release only), dog pond, dog park, a waterslide, clubhouse, longhouse, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and horseshoe pits.

Q. What is the maximum size trailer I can have on my lot?
A. As per the Regulations, a “Camping Unit” shall not be greater than 40’ in length, 8.5’ in width, and 13.5’ in height. Wheels and hitches may not be removed from Recreational Vehicles. All Recreational Vehicles must be capable of being moved at all times and may not be permanently affixed to a campsite.

Q. Can I have a second trailer on my lot?
A. As per the Regulations you may have one “Sleeping Unit”.  A Sleeping Unit shall not be greater than 19’ in length, 8.5’ in width, and 13.5’ in height. It must not be connected to campsite services, and in particular the water, sewer, or hydro meter. It must not be a permanent structure nor shall it be situated on a permanent foundation. It must be removed upon receipt of a written request of the Board of Directors in the event the Regional District of Nanaimo deems that its being located on the campsite is in contravention of the RC3 Zoning or any other by-law regulating use of the lands or health. It must not be used for cooking or camping activities other than sleeping. Electrical services to Sleeping Units may be connected by a portable extension cord from the main camping unit only.

Updated January 2023